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How To Help Survivors of Sex Abuse - Korean Sex Slavery Washington DC - Jasmine Therapy

An article on so-called "Asian massage parlors" can be found here:

-A female friend I greatly cared for once told me that she felt under constant siege by a world intent on violence towards women. She felt the worst violence was the most subtle: the constant gaze of men. Intellectually, I think I understood at the time what she was saying (I was passionate about many female punk bands like Bikini Kill and Tribe 8, and in that regard I became well-versed in post-feminist theory). But, it wasn't until her breakdown (due in no small part towards the effects of child sex abuse on her psyche) that I began to emotionally process and understand her fears and pain. This photo montage evolved out of this emotional understanding. It is supposed to signify a reversal of the gaze. This montage is inspired by Andy Warhol's photographic work; Warhol's work emphasized repetition, such as the repetition of these prints. His work had the subtext of the interplay between sexuality and violence.
Jasmine Therapy is located in downtown Washington DC. An internet search shows it to be listed and reviewd in detail on sites that promote the sexual abuse of women. The vast majority of women (and men) who work as prostitutes have been victims of sex abuse as children (as I detail in earlier posts) and are in situations that include severe addictions, depression and economic exploitation.
As an abuse survivor myself, this art project is a way I can feel some closure by perhaps raising some awareness in my community (Washington DC) by being an advocate for sex abuse survivors.
Over the course of a few hours on a Saturday a steady stream of men, and only men, went to and from Jasmine. Given the internet reviews, this raises obvious questions, but I make no allegations. Because of the serious nature of this matter I have forwarded these photos and related information onto the DC police; however, I have no evidence that Jasmine or the men depicted in these photos in any way engaged in illegal activity. If they wish to leave a comment, or request removal of their photo, they may do so.
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"Friendship is when someone is your friend even when they know you."

Leslie and Me

Happy Times 


I dedicate my life to achieving self-actualization;
I dedicate my life to helping others achieve self-actualization;

I dedicate my life to peaceful acts;
I dedicate my life to peaceful thoughts;

I meditate on emptiness;
I meditate on form;
I mediate on form as emptiness;

I release all attachments.
I release my self;
I let go.

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My Eleventh Animation

A fictional story called: The Pawnbroker, which asks, why is there evil in the world?

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My Tenth Animation

A summary of the first sutta from The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha, as translated by Bhikkhu Nanamoli and Bhikku Bodhi.

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People of North Korea, don't despair!

America stands with you!

Freedom and justice shall prevail!

Down with tyranny!

Down with Kim Jong-Un and Ri Sol-Ju!

북한 사람들은 절망하지 않습니다!

미국은 당신과 함께 서!

자유와 정의가 우선한다!

폭정과 다운!

김정은과 리 솔 - 광주로 다운!

폭군 북한 대통령이 김정은과 아내 리 솔 - 광주의 누드 초상화 연구는, 그들은 옷없이 황제이다! 북한 사람들은 절망하지 않습니다! 자유와 민주주의의 힘은 당신과 함께합니다! 미국 사람들은 당신과 함께합니다! 아래 폭군과 함께! 김정은과 다운! 정의는 승리합니다!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DC Sketchbook

I went to hear Joel Osteen at the Verizon Center...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Help Survivors of Sex Abuse

If a person tells you they are a survivor of child sex abuse, the response doesn't have to be hard.

Just give them the number: 202-333-Rape.

Dedicated to Tori Amos, who helped me, and many others, break the silence.

Thursday, October 30, 2008